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Professor Don Hufford creates book for Teacher Inquiry Project

Newman University Professor of Education Don Hufford, Ph.D. held a book-signing for his recently published work The Hufford Reader on Nov. 18 at the Evie Hufford Resource Lab in McNeill Hall on the NU campus. The book is designed to be a resource for Newman educators, area teachers and administrators involved in the Wichita Teacher Inquiry Group Project, a 16-month collaboration between Newman and U.S.D. 259 designed to lessen bullying behavior in schools. The project is headed by Assistant Professor of Education Linda Rhone, Ed.D. Continue reading

Newman University professor wins Kansas Health Foundation grant to help lessen bullying behavior

Anyone who has gone to school has witnessed, perpetrated or been the victim of it. It can be blatant, such as one student hitting or threatening harm to another, or subtle, such as a teacher manipulating a student to change his or her behavior. In some respects, it has become so common in the classroom that people hardly notice it when it occurs. Continue reading