Lori Bradley

Wichita Gladiator Dash holds special meaning for one Newman alumna

The Wichita Gladiator Dash, which is organized by Newman University, has become one of the most anticipated and popular obstacle-course races in the city with nearly 900 participants registering for the big day. The 5k ...


Billy Martin

Lightning sparks career for Newman alumnus

Newman alumnus Billy Martin has been talking about lightning for years now, most recently presenting a webinar that focused on achieving FAA certification of aircraft fuel tanks and lightning protection. The webinar was one of ...

Rebekah Valentine

Alumna Rebekah Valentine lands job with lead video gaming trade publication

Alumna Rebekah Valentine has found a way to make a living by combining two of her loves — video gaming and writing. In May, Valentine landed a job with, the lead video gaming trade publication. ...


Travis-Prinzi-Saving Dumbledore