Newman history trivia questions: Week Three

Sep 05, 2013

As part of Newman University’s upcoming 80th Anniversary celebration, Up to the Minute is including some NU history trivia questions over the next few issues.

The answers to last week’s questions:

  • What was the price of tuition per credit hour?
    Answer: C) $2.50
  • Who authored the college motto, “Caritas Christi Urget Nos”?
    Answer: D) Leon A. McNeill
  • Who designed the College seal?
    Answer: B) Sr. Petrona Steiferman
  • How long did Rev. Leon McNeill serve as the president of Sacred Heart Junior College?
    Answer: B) 1933-45

Trivia Question #3

The past 80 years since the predecessor of Newman University was founded on September 12, 1933, there have been many traditions begun and continued for many years.  Below are questions about some of those traditions; see how many you can identify by choosing the correct answer!

  • This tradition began in 1948; it was the occasion where the students in a ceremony of song and dance paid formal tribute to their Alma Mater, by presenting the ideals of the college, recalling events of the school year and bidding good-bye to the seniors.
    1. Spring Prom
    2. Homecoming
    3. Candlelight Ceremony
    4. College Green.
  • Fine Arts played an integral role in college life then and now; in 1934 the first Sacred Heart Drama Club became a tradition. Who was the early faculty member who shepherded this group?
    1. Elvira Bujarski
    2. Lillian Taylor
    3. Mark Mannette
    4. Laurestine Bell
  • This tradition began in the mid-1940s and welcomed alumnae and their families. By what name was it known?
    1. Homecoming
    2. May Crowning
    3. Family Day
    4. Sister Aquinas’ Big Party
  • A new tradition began in October, 1955; it marked the formal entrance of the freshmen into academic life. It was called by what name?
    1. Matriculation
    2. Cabin Party
    3. Homecoming
    4. Cap and Gown Day

  Write your answers in the comments on the right if you think you can solve today’s trivia questions!

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