2016-17 Residence Life Student Leaders

Mar 10, 2016
Residence Life

For the 2016-2017 academic year, Residence Life is introducing new members as Resident assistants (RA) and members of the Resident Hall Association (RHA).

Resident assistants have always been an integral part of college campuses with dorms. Newman University RAs are top-notch students who are respected in the campus community. Each RA lives on a floor of a student dorm or building community on campus. RAs have important jobs to do, but their most important tasks boil down to three things: keeping the dorms a safe environment, promoting a positive atmosphere and being sources for information pertaining to the floors over which they preside.

When RAs graduate, their alternates take the open position. This year, RHA is taking a more active role by having more prominence to evolve into a stronger association. Providing furniture and television and game centers to the community areas of the residence halls is one of the major tasks for the RHA. Both the RA and members of RHA work in the Student Leaders office in Merlini Hall.

Below are the new RAs for 2016-2017 and members of RHA:

Imkeleen MeyerImkeleen Meyer is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She is a freshmen and a business major. She is a resident assistant alternate. Meyer is a golfer at Newman University, but struggles to play mini golf or “fun golf,” she said.


HaHannah Fowke-Roodnnah Fowke-Rood is from Waterford, Conn. She is a freshman and a nursing major. She is the Merlini Hall resident assistant for Spring 2016.

Fun Fact: Fowke-Rood never double-knots her shoelaces.



Becca KopperBecca Kopper is from Cheney, Kan. She is a sophomore and a psychology and criminal justice major. She is a Beata Hall Resident Assistant. Kopper is a huge baseball fan and loves the Yankees.



Kevin ClarkKevin Clack is a freshman from Seguin, Texas. He is the Merlini Hall resident assistant and a communication major.

Fun Fact: When he 8, he super-glued his entire right food to the ground.




Christopher Luschen

Christopher Luschen is a sophomore from Tulsa, Okla. He is the Fugate Hall Resident Assistant for Spring 2016 and a biology major. He is adopted.





Nate RazaAmbonirina (Nate) Razafindrabe is a junior from Antananarivo, Madagascar. He is a biology and pre-dental major and a resident assistant alternate.

Fun Fact:Razafindrabe graduated high school at 18, made a bucket list and completed it by 19. Then, he made another bucket list and completed it by 20. One the goals on his bucket list was going to the U.S.



Cole Sutterfield

Cole Sutterfield is a freshman from Junction City, Kan. He is the New Hall resident assistant and a biology major.

Fun Fact: In high school, he was a yell leader.



Kenzie WillisKenzie Wills is a junior from Andover, Kan. She is the Fugate Hall resident assistant and a nursing major.

Fun Fact: Wills said jokingly that she can communicate to dogs through barking.



Michele Marchese

Michelle Marchese is a junior from Murietta, Calif. She is the Merlini Hall resident assistant for Fall 2016 and a nursing major.

Fun Fact: Marchese loves donuts.




Gabriella Rizzi

Gabriella Rizzi is a sophomore from Blue Springs, Mo. She is the New Hall resident assistant and a communications major.

Fun Fact: Her favorite milk is soy milk.




Madison McCollumMadison McCollum is the New Hall resident assistant.





Evgeniy KimEvgeniy Kim is the Fugate Hall Resident Assistant for Fall 2016.





Breanna PingryBreanna Pingry is a resident assistant alternate.





Blake LeeBlake Lee is the Resident Hall Association president.





Taylor RoseTaylore Rose is a Resident Hall Association board member.




Philip RoodPhilip Rood is a Resident Hall Association board member.