New year brings new SGA executive board

Sep 05, 2019
From left to right: Courtney Klaus, Kayla Garvert, Emily Larkin, Mac Foley

Above photo, left to right: Courtney Klaus, Kayla Garvert, Emily Larkin and Mac Foley.

With a new year comes new leadership. As such, the Student Government Association (SGA) has a new executive board consisting of Emily Larkin, president; Kayla Garvert, vice president; Mac Foley, secretary; and Courtney Klaus, treasurer.

Larkin gave a general statement about this year’s board, saying, “I think we’re all very focused on being student-oriented. The school wouldn’t be here without the students.”

She also talked about a personal initiative she is passionate about. 

“One thing that I’m really trying to focus on is mental health. We go to an academically rigorous school. No matter what major you have, Newman is known for its academic excellence. … I think (mental health) is a very important issue that we need to be talking about, that doesn’t need to be stigmatized.”

Garvert expressed the positive attributes of this year’s executive board. 

“Each of us represents a different thing. We have Mac, who is the athlete. I represent a lot of the clubs because I work in Student Life, Emily and Courtney both bring RHA (residence hall assistant) and The Vantage representation. Emily also ties in theater. Every aspect of Newman is represented in the executive board and I definitely think that is one of our strengths.”

On the notion of personal missions, Klaus commented, “I think my role as the treasurer means that I do the best I can to make sure that SGA is on top of their finances, as well as every other club. My greatest mission right now is to make sure that SGA continues to have an organized, clear, concise way of allocating money and a balanced budget.”

Larkin added, “I know that Secretary Foley is very interested in the security of our students here at Newman and he plans to work closely with Mo (Floyd) to make sure that we continue to be a safe campus.”

The executives collectively agree that their diverse academic and extracurricular backgrounds will make for a strong board, focused on the interests and well-being of the students.