Alumnus Adam Sawyer hired for technology support

Feb 21, 2018
adam sawyer

Having technology issues? No problem. Meet Adam Sawyer, the new help desk and classroom technology coordinator.

He may be recognizable due to the fact that he is a December 2017 Newman graduate. The transition from student to staff is one he thinks he will enjoy and said, “speaking to more of the staff will be nice.”

Sawyer hails from Luton, England, but came to Newman to play soccer. While a student, he worked many hours at the student-run IT help desk and that experience combined with his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology (IT) made him a good fit for this position.

Along with other responsibilities, Sawyer will act as a sort of supervisor for the help desk. The students at the help desk will call him for backup when they need assistance solving a technology issue.

Sawyer will do anything from helping fix computers to replacing technology in the classrooms. Sawyer looks forward to the challenge of learning Crestron, the piece of equipment that powers the technology in the classroom. He said, “I don’t know too much about it yet so they have to send me on a course where I’ll learn more about it.” The one-day training will be held out-of-state and Sawyer plans to attend soon.

Adam Sawyer
Adam Sawyer

As a classroom technology coordinator, he will be working closely with Chief Information Officer Icer Vaughan and has currently set up shop in Vaughan’s office. However, he will soon be located in the library, which will allow him to have closer contact with the help desk.

“I like working with my hands and getting into things,” said Sawyer about his interest in IT. Fixing technology also allows him to practice problem-solving on a daily basis.

Problem-solving also comes into play during Sawyer’s spare time activities. Sawyer is putting in the hours to get his pilot’s license. He’s nearing the completion of his private license but his dream is to fly commercial.

Although he stays busy with his work and hours of flying, Sawyer hopes he’ll have time to support the Jets soccer team when the season starts.

He’s looking forward to his continued stay at Newman.

“I’m pretty excited about this position. It will be good to put some of the things I have learned into practice and I am looking forward to meeting a lot more of the staff and helping people out with IT problems,” he said.