Alumni medical professionals host special event for medical students

May 05, 2016
Medical Alumni Gathering

Six Newman University alumni who are now medical professionals joined forces on Monday, May 2 in the Tarcisia Roths, ASC Alumni Center to host a gathering for medical students on campus. The alumni – Brad Dart, orthopedics surgery; Bart Grelinger, neurology; Susan Giovanni, family medicine; Jerry Gaston, general surgery; Margaret Detmer, general dentistry; and Mitzi Bales, family medicine, spoke to students about what their everyday life entails and how to balance work and family.

The theme of the presentations was, “A Day in the Life of…” with presenters telling their story of why they enjoy their specialty and how they balance their professional and personal lives. Director of Development for Sciences and Health Sciences Therese Wetta, ASC was there to help kick off the event with introductions and thanks.

“Overall, there were a sufficient number of doctors to provide variety and to allow some personal interaction,” said Wetta. “I believe the students got a lot of takeaways from the presentations.”

Attended by 22 students, the event gave a wide range of perspectives from different specialties in medicine. Each presenter spoke passionately about what he or she loves most in the line of work they are in. The students were able to gain deep insight into real-world experience from different viewpoints.

Wetta said, “It really impressed me that every one of the presenters obviously loves the specialty they chose, but it was also good to hear about their hobbies and relationships with their families.” She added, “Dr. Giovanni added another perspective as a mother of triplets, that you have to decide what you can do and how much you can do, and then work accordingly.”