Communications professor Hane to present at women leadership conference

Sep 26, 2017
Know Your Worth

Newman University Professor of Communications Audrey Hane, Ph.D., will present at Know Your Worth — a Kansas Leadership Center conference — on Sept. 29. The purpose of the conference is to create a culture of empowerment among the women of Kansas by building support systems needed to achieve success.Women's leadership conference

Hane was invited by the conference steering committee to submit a proposal to be included in the conference. Hane’s presentation is part of the “Managing Energy: Strategies for Boosting Work Effectiveness and Enjoyment” portion of the conference, which is designed to help businesswomen reconnect with who they want to be as a leader.

“During the session (women) will discover leadership practices for being more intentional about (their) work that will leave (them) feeling refreshed, renewed and energized to tackle the daunting challenges in (their) organization,” Hane explained. “I will offer principles and practices for reconnecting with themselves and other organizational members in order to create healthier, happier, more focused and purposeful workplaces.”

During her presentation, participants will identify strategies for better managing their energy, understanding the importance of self-care, understanding the relationship between self-care and the ability to exercise leadership, and understanding their role in creating organizational cultures that are healthier, happier and more productive.

“This session is designed to remind participants that sacrificing their mental, emotional and physical health is not only detrimental to themselves but also negatively impacts those around them and may inhibit their ability to make progress on the challenges they face,” Hane added.

When asked how Newman University helped her achieve this opportunity, Hane credited Mike Duxler, Ph.D., associate professor of social work, and Gerber Institute funding to attend a conference in Washington, D.C., called Mindful Leadership.

“Dr. Mike Duxler in social work introduced me to the idea of mindfulness. Without his introduction to this practice and philosophy, I wouldn’t have pursued the conference in Washington, D.C. I credit him with my introduction to the idea of living healthier and more meaningful lives.”

The Mindful Leadership conference launched her interests, and she began offering training opportunities that were designed to help organizational members embrace strategies to create healthier and happier workplace cultures.

Hane stated, “The beauty of these techniques is that anyone can employ them, anywhere, anytime, and they are free.  In fact, research reveals that organizations that utilize mindful leadership strategies to improve their workplace cultures enhance their bottom line.”

Hanes has developed a Newman Studies capstone course called Mindful Leadership.