Dinner shows thanks to Advanced Standing teachers

Oct 13, 2016
Advanced Standing Banquet Table

A dinner was held on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at Newman University to thank the teachers throughout Wichita and surrounding areas who are a part of the Advanced Standing program at the university.

Each year, the Advanced Standing program offers teachers in the high schools a chance to come to the university for not only some social meet-and-greet time, but also for discussion about the program. Teachers are given the opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on how to make the program an even better experience for all those involved.

Kimberly Long, Ph.D.
Provost Kimberly Long, Ph.D. addresses the attendees before dinner.

During her introduction, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Kimberly Long, Ph.D. said, “Newman University has been deeply committed to the Advanced Standing program for many years, in no small part, due to the connection to our mission. The outreach that we do through our advanced standing enables us to touch many student’s lives.”

The Newman Advanced Standing program is highly regarded by the high school teachers who participate. Math Teacher at Trinity High School James Smith said he’s been involved with the program for 14 years.

“It’s a fantastic experience. The kids love it and they respond very well,” said Smith. “It’s really the best out of all the school programs. Newman lets me teach the class the way I want to teach. They really work with us and show us a lot of trust.”

Tammy Kuipers, who teaches math at Derby High School, is starting her sixth year with the Newman program.

“It’s a great relationship we have with Newman because it offers our kids an alternative for concurrent credit besides the AP exam,” she said. Kuipers also knows many students who have gone to Newman for their college courses. “One of them went on to Newman and is now a teacher at Derby. Another one of my students who just graduated from Newman in 2016 is now in med school.”

Kuipers became an adjunct professor at Newman three years ago as well and says she highly enjoys it. “To teach college students on campus, I wanted that experience,” she said. “I wanted a different challenge, and I’m so glad I did it. I teach statistics. I feel like it’s helped me to really know the content better than ever.”

Long spoke of the privilege of being able to offer this program to students who otherwise may not have the same opportunities as others. She recognized the teachers for the part they play in that.

“I want to thank each one of you … for your dedication to the Advanced Standing program, and for all the countless hours you have given to serve all of your students.”

Advanced Standing Banquet
Attendees gather to meet others in the program.