Alumnus takes on pro basketball dream in Germany

Feb 27, 2020
kevin bryant

Alumnus Kevin Bryant’s basketball career at Newman was impressive, and due to his competitive nature, he couldn’t let his career end there.

Bryant grew up in Germany and found his way to Newman through a local basketball club. After graduating with a degree in management information systems, he returned home and began playing in the Basketball Bundesliga league. He is a shooting guard for Basketballgemeinschaft (BG) Göttingen, first league.

He currently lives in Goettingen, Germany, and is enjoying being much closer to his family.

“Playing closer to home is nice because I get the chance to see my family more often and they are able to watch me play,” he said.

When asked how playing at Newman was different than playing in his current league, Bryant said, “I’d say just the style of play in general. In this league, everything is just so fast and you are not allowed to make a mistake. One mistake immediately gets punished because you have former NBA, G-league or Euroleague players who can all play on a high level and have a high basketball IQ. I also think at Newman you had more freedom compared to here where you have your set role as a shooter or a pick ‘n’ roll player, etc.”

BG Göttingen fans

Bryant wasn’t new to Wichita when he became a Newman Jet. He was on the first prep team for Sunrise Christian Academy in Wichita and had plenty of reasons to decide on calling Newman his new temporary home. He felt very comfortable at Newman, saying the small community reminded him of his school setting where he grew up.

Also, his time at Sunrise Christian Academy lost him one year of eligibility with the NCAA. “Newman was the only school that gave me the feeling that they supported me and would try to get my one year back from the NCAA,” he said.

Bryant graduated from Newman in 2017 and was coached by Mark Potter and R.J. Allen.

He said, “I’m grateful for coaches Allen and Potter and everyone who coached me academically and basketball-wise to reach my goals or at least made me give 100% every day.”

Bryant is enjoying living out his basketball goals.

He said, “I enjoyed my time at Newman and made a lot of friends and memories, but I knew I wanted to be a pro baller and that the time will come and I’m just trying to enjoy the moment I’m living in until the next chapter of my life starts.”

Kevin Bryant playing for Newman University.

Newman did its part to shape Bryant for a future in athletics. “Being somewhere for many years, especially in that age, shapes you and will always be a part of you. So I learned a lot of things but I guess the most important thing is just to keep being positive even if things don’t go my way and that there is always a chance they turn out positive.”

The typical basketball season in Germany starts in September and ends in early May. It’s up to the players how much time they dedicate to the sport during their three months off. Bryant said he’ll start lifting weights and shooting in mid-May in preparation.

While in season, the players typically have a five-day schedule, four days of practice and a game to end the week.

Bryant has plans to play the game as long as he can.

“I definitely want to stick with basketball for now and give it a real shot,” he said.

Bryant isn’t the only former Newman basketball player playing professionally. Ben Ayre plays for the Adelaide 36ers and Cameron Goldfinch plays for the Brisbane Bullets; both teams are in the Australian National Basketball League. Daniel Green plays for the Darwin Uni Rebels in the Australian Local Leagues and James Pegues ’16 plays for the Solares in the Spanish European Basketball Academy. Thimothee Troussel just started playing for the TKS 49ers RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf in Germany.