Book buy-back is almost here

Apr 27, 2016
book buy-back

With the impending end of the semester, campus is peaking with activity. From finals, end of the year celebrations and other end of year activities all looming over the entirety of the Newman community, there is one thing we must not forget: book buy-backs.

Every semester during finals week as students finish with their textbooks, the NU Bookstore teams up with a third party company for a buy-back event that takes place in the Dugan Student Center at the Information Technology Help Desk. During this time students can sell their gently used books to the NU Bookstore for around 50% of the original cost. There are some stipulations to what books the NU Bookstore might take back based on a variety of factors, although it never hurts to try.

But don’t take our word for it, hear it straight from the source with the NU Bookstore’s video segments, “Ask Emma” with bookstore employee Emma Mattingly, as she explains in greater depth in this short video how to effectively and efficiently make the most of the upcoming book buy-backs.