Changes coming to Newman bookstore fall 2018

Apr 19, 2018

Changes are coming for the Newman University Bookstore.

Come fall semester 2018, course books will not be physically available on the shelves of the store. Books will continue to be available to purchase from the bookstore for summer sessions. So how will students purchase books needed for their fall classes?

Newman University has partnered with MBS Direct to provide a customized online bookstore. The MBS bookstore is built around a course-driven system that ensures students receive the right book, right on time.

Newman University Larry Williams
Bookstore Manager Larry Williams

Manager of the Newman bookstore Larry Williams explained, “Students will go online and place their orders. If they order before a certain date, then the books will be shipped on campus for free and they will just need to pick them up at the store. Students will still be able to use their financial aid to pay if they have money in their account, or credit card and they can also use PayPal. If a student wants to order his or her books earlier or if they order after a given date (to be determined), it’s just a $3.95 flat rate for shipping.”

With MBS Direct, students will be given the options to buy their books new, used and even digitally, which means the prices of the books will be a lot lower than what they usually would be if bought from the bookstore. Renting class books is also another option available.

Benefits that come with this change is when students purchase an eBook or eRental, they can save up to 80 percent off the list price and the physical publication costs are cut if you choose to go digital. There is also a guaranteed buyback of books.

Students can save up to 70 percent, and before purchasing a book, students will be able to see the buyback price quote for that book. For rentals, they can save up to 60 percent off the list price. They can also save up to 25 percent off the list price with used books and get the same books in used verified condition for less. For more information, see the MBS book ordering procedure.

Why has the university chosen to make this change?

Williams said, “We’ve been selling fewer and fewer books out of the store for the last several years. The one thing that this (change) will do is it’ll give students more lower-cost options. I always felt a little bad because the students were forced to use their financial aid to pay for their books. They didn’t have the luxury of going to Amazon where maybe they would’ve been able to get a book for a little bit less money.”

Williams said course packets will still be available in the bookstore as well as lab supplies such as lab notebooks, lab manuals and safety goggles. With the extra space opened up with the textbook change, the fixtures will be used to display other merchandise. Already available merchandise will be spread out so products are easier to see. New items will be added that the store does not currently have as well as more art supplies, school supplies and convenience items.

“We’re hoping it goes smoothly this first semester but if it doesn’t we hope we learn a lot to make it smoother for going forward,” Williams said. “One good thing is the company that we’re using, MBS Direct, is very close. They are in Columbia, Missouri. So if a student has to change a class the book is only two days away.”

Flyers with directions and more information on how to purchase their books will be sent in envelopes when students register.