2015 Career Fair: A huge success

Apr 02, 2015

On Tuesday, March 31, Newman University in partnership with Friends University held the “Career Fair on Highway 54.” The fair was a big success, with 66 companies and organizations set up in The Dugan-Gorges Conference Center hoping for the chance to talk to potential employees. This was the biggest Career Fair Newman has ever hosted.

Tim Mathias from Key Rehabilitation stated that “Most of the occupational therapists that we have hired from Newman have been some of the top quality employees we have. We are here to try to recruit some of the occupational therapy assistants and they are the students we have the most to benefit from.”

Over 70 students pre-registered for the career fair. Students who pre-registered were given personal business cards to hand out to potential employers.

Newman junior communication and history major Max Werner was there and said he had a lot to gain from attending the event.

“We get to know people from different industries that we can use our skills in. I personally would like to get an internship out of this event,” Werner said. When asked if he thought the event would be helpful, Werner replied, “Meeting the right people and getting yourself out there can be very helpful.”

Kristin Smet from The Arnold Group was in attendance and hoped to network and find some great candidates for their company.

Newman junior Emilie Leivian, a communications major and art minor thought the fair was helpful for certain groups of people.

“I am a communication major so there are things for that but, I really want to do art and there weren’t a lot of career opportunities for that,” Leivian said. “I did talk to some people who made me think of opportunities other than art. I do hope this will help me land a job in the near future.”

Comcare representative Amy Murray stated: “We are hoping to hire individuals interested in the social service field, specifically case management positions and therapy positions. We hire great candidates from Newman all the time so we are excited to be here.”

See photos from the Career Fair below.