College ranking sites take notice of Newman

Jun 20, 2017
rankings recently ranked Newman University #2 in a list of 20 “Best Colleges in Kansas.”

The list was announced earlier this year on their website. Newman Associate Professor of Mathematics and Director of Institutional Research Lori Steiner said she completes a “fairly substantial survey” for the site each year.

Best Colleges BadgeThe organization partners with to “to provide students with direct connections to schools and programs suiting their educational goals through our program rankings.”

On their site, says, “Located in Wichita, Kansas, Newman University provides students an accessible education even from across the state, offering classes at outreach sites in Southeast Kansas, Western Kansas, and even Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a Catholic university named for John Henry Cardinal Newman, Newman is committed to educating students holistically and offers a robust, liberal arts curriculum.”

Newman is flanked in the top five by K-State (#1), Baker University (#3), Fort Hays State University (#4), and the University of Kansas (#5).

The nursing program at Newman University has also recently been given extra kudos. ranked the Newman University nursing program #3 in Kansas out of 36. The organization gave the Newman program a score of 94.69, based on NCLEX-RN pass rates and other factors.

On its website announcing the best Kansas nursing programs, said, “Newman University in Wichita has an excellent reputation as a private university that turns out first-rate nursing graduates. Newman students graduate with the skills and ethics needed to be an excellent generalist in the core areas of nursing while having the foundation of a solid education when and if they want to pursue their MSN. The program has both accreditations through the CCNE and licensure through the state board of nursing.”

Other rankings Newman University has recently received:

  • — ranked #2 on “Best Online Colleges in Kansas” list
  • — ranked #8 on “10 Best Colleges for Business Majors in Kansas” list
  • — ranked #12 on “2017 Best Colleges in Kansas” list
  • — ranked #2 on “Best Online Colleges in Kansas” list

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