Newman Colorado Springs Outreach Center moves to downtown location

Aug 03, 2021
Downtown Colorado Springs

When Newman University saw a need for social workers in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area in 2005, the Colorado Springs Outreach Center was established. Now the center is housed in a new building at 19 N. Tejon St. in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Exterior-2
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Newman University: Colorado Springs style

This extension of the Wichita campus — located 500 miles away — provides students with access to both the Master of Social Work and Master of Business Administration programs. 

Roxxi Davis, the MSW program director, said she and her team were on the lookout for a location that would both benefit the student body and provide easy access to the school. 

Roxxi Davis stands in a PODS storage container during the moving process.
Roxxi Davis

The downtown location — which also houses nine restaurants, an ice cream parlor and even a motorcycle museum — accomplishes just that.

“It’s a lively area,” Davis said. “Our faculty and staff offices are in a more modern building. Our students now have access to many restaurants, the local public library and so much more.”

The Newman University Colorado Springs team toured several spaces before landing on the chosen area. Next came the task of establishing an agreement to use amenities at Pikes Peak Community College, located less than a mile away from the outreach location.

The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum resides within the 19 N Tejon Street location. (Photo by Christian Murdock of The Gazette)
The Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum resides within the 19 N. Tejon St. location. (Photo by Christian Murdock of The Gazette)

“I think using the classrooms at Pikes Peak Community College will enhance the overall student experience,” Jessica Bird, dean of the School of Education and Social Work, said. “I also think it will be great for students to be in the downtown area of Colorado Springs, where they can meet to study or work on projects and have access to all the restaurants and coffee shops.”

Moving Newman

Although the classrooms and faculty offices are separate, Davis and her team look forward to finding new and creative ways to meet with students and community members.

“Our main priority is to continue to build those close relationships with our students,” Davis said. “This location offers spaces for students to socialize and build those bonds with each other. Also, downtown offers a lot of diversity, which is good especially for our social work students.”

Field Director Adrienne Canno is all wrapped up in bright orange bubble wrap.
Field Director Adrienne Canno

Bird hired movers to relocate furniture from the old offices into the new space, along with several tables and chairs for the main campus to use. She packed a U-Haul full of donation items to be given to a local nonprofit, reloaded the U-Haul with additional equipment and drove eight hours back to Wichita. 

The move would not have been possible without the help of Bird, Davis, the Colorado Springs faculty and staff and Outreach Success Coordinator Tiffany Webster.

Davis added, “We look forward to developing a strong relationship with Pikes Peak Community College, as well as all the experiences we will have!”

Earn your Master of Social Work degree in Colorado Springs

Courses in Colorado are blended in format, including on-campus and online courses. Newman University curriculum is designed to prepare social work professionals for leadership in direct family-centered social work practice.