Construction on Eck Hall has begun

May 12, 2016

This week marked the beginning of a new addition on the Newman University campus. Soon, there will be a walkway that leads from Eck Hall to the new Bishop Gerber Science Center, all as a result of Facing Forward – A Campaign for Newman University. But first, renovations must be done to Eck, and construction has begun.

Campus students and staff will begin to see many changes over the next year and a half, and the university is taking many steps to reduce the number of inconveniences while construction is taking place. Below is the timeline for the Eck Hall renovations:

  • Monday, May 9 — The west entrance will be closed and will remain so throughout the construction of the Bishop Gerber Science Center.
  • Monday, May 9 — Temporary barriers will be placed in the west hallway, located to the west of rooms 116 and 104.
  • Thursday, May 12 — Temporary barriers will be moved further east by the restrooms. Vending machines and restrooms will be accessible.
  • Friday, May 13 — Fencing will be installed around the perimeter of Eck HallThis diagram shows the location of the perimeter fence in red. Parking options are currently being reviewed.
  • Monday, May 16 — Renovations will begin in rooms 252, 254 and 255, located on the 2nd floor in the north hallway.
  • Friday, June 10 — Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Bishop Gerber Science Center will take place and building construction will begin.

While summer classes will not be effected by the renovations to Eck Hall, university staff ask that everyone use caution while in the building. The renovations will be completed in time for the 2016 fall session, but the west entrance will continue to remain closed until the completion of the Gerber Science Center in the fall of 2017.