Newman says thank you to education counselors

Dec 19, 2019

Approximately 60 counselors from area high schools and community colleges attended a breakfast on Dec. 6 at Newman University.

The event was organized and hosted by Newman admissions team members as a way to show their appreciation for all the hard work the counselors do for students.

Georgia Drewes, associate director of admissions for recruitment, said the morning was certainly about saying thank you but also updating the counselors with all that is new at Newman.

“I think it’s easier for them to be excited about Newman with their students or to decide if they have students who will be a good fit for Newman if they know what is happening here,” said Drewes.

The updates included the university’s transition into the MIAA and residence life options.

“The counselors are important to us and we want them to be in that first line of contact regarding changes that are happening here so they can relay that to their students.”

Amber Hilger traveled from Attica, Kansas school district to attend the breakfast. She said this was the first year she has attended a Newman University counselor breakfast and was looking forward to all that she could gain from the event.

“I’m a newer counselor. I’ve been a counselor for 2 years and an educator for more than 13 years,” said Hilger. “This type of event allows me to get to know other counselors and also the university’s programs. The more I know about a university, the better I can assist my students in finding a school that is a good fit for them.”

West High School College Career Coordinator Stephanie Cousin agreed that fit is an important factor when helping her students.

“I think there is never a “one size fits all” situation so I try to encourage kids not to look at the national reputation or recognition, but to look at what they need to do to be successful,” said Cousin. “As a college career counselor, I think I get to know students a little better, especially those that are college-bound. When we look for fit, some students will do well in smaller situations, some in larger.”

Drewes added that besides thanking the counselors in person, she enjoys meeting them face to face.

“My favorite part about the counselor breakfast is getting to see all the people we work with remotely in one place. We are always calling and emailing counselors and asking them for a lot, so this is our chance to see them in person, put a name with a face and thank them for all they help us with throughout the year.”