Newman student starts baking on the side

Dec 19, 2019
Banana bread, cookies and other treats wrapped and ready for customers.

Freshman David Moss, a basketball player majoring in psychology, is quite the Renaissance man. In addition to his adeptness in athletics and his affinity toward academics, he is also a skilled baker; so skilled, in fact, that he has built up a small baking business to raise money in the midst of his busy student-athlete schedule. 

David Moss

He was happy to answer some questions regarding his love of baking, and how his tasty enterprise began. 

Q: When did you start baking?

A: I started baking when I was about 15 years old. So, for about six years now.

Q: Who did you learn from? Or are you self-taught?

A: My mother and sister both dabble in baking. However, I started to venture off and try new things on my own.

Q: What inspired you to apply this skill for profit?

A: The ideology that I could be self-employed while being a student-athlete. I tried work-study and other job opportunities, but they were not conducive to my crazy schedule.

Q: Who helps with the business? Is it just you, or do you have associates?

A: My mother and sister help me when they have the time to. I use their kitchens and some of their kitchen utensils to get all my orders fulfilled. However, it is mostly me that does all the baking.

Q: Do you think this business is helping you financially, or could in the future?

A: This business is definitely helping me financially. It has created a sense of freedom within my schedule to where I can make money on my own time. I also feel it is something that I could continue to do for the time that I continue my academic and sports career at Newman.

Q: What are some things you like to bake?

A: My favorite item to bake is truly my Banana Bread. I just love the aroma it gives off in a home once it is in the oven. I also enjoy making muffins.

To request an order with David, simply text ORDERNOW to (678) 308-4474 and a link will be sent, which can be used to place orders.