Goat Insurance fundraiser deadline is fast approaching

Apr 27, 2016
Goat Insurance Fundraiser

On May 6, Newman University Advancement Staff will be ending their monthlong fundraiser and giving away a goat. You heard that right. His name is Freddie, and if you don’t want to bring this little guy home, you need Goat Insurance.

For a minimum donation of only $10, you will be guaranteeing your non-ownership of Freddie. Your gardens will continue to bloom and grow and your neighbors will surely thank you.

You can purchase your Goat Insurance at give.newmanu.edu/goatinsurance. The last day to make your donation is Thursday, May 5.

While you’re at it, nominate your friends to purchase their own insurance so they, too will not have to find sleeping quarters for a new friend.

Protecting yourself is not only smart—but generous. Your donation will be added to the Newman Fund which helps finance student scholarships and other student costs each year.

So spread the word. Help Newman University while protecting yourself and your flowerbeds!