Dyana Baca goes from Newman student to Newman employee

Jan 30, 2020
Dyana Baca at her desk in the library

Senior Dyana Baca, a business management major with music and entrepreneurship minors, has the unique opportunity of being a student and an official Newman employee simultaneously. In the midst of her classes, extracurriculars and finishing up an internship, Baca has been named the new library assistant.

Baca’s new position includes several responsibilities that aid in the library’s flow.

“I am in charge of training the new student workers and I am completely in charge of interlibrary loans (ILL).”

Though she is astoundingly busy, Baca is finding that many aspects of her position are quite fulfilling. 

“It’s been a lot of fun. I really love Steve and Jeanette (librarians) — they’ve been very helpful and they’re going to keep assisting me through the process of student worker to full-time worker.”

While she is truly enjoying her work as library assistant, the transition from student to employee is proving to be bittersweet.

“It’s going to be a bit strange, since I’m no longer going to be just one of the students, I’ll be a staff member who’s there to assist them. It’s nice to be able to see all these people come and go, but I’m not fully ready to get the connection and then see them go. It’s already going to be hard because I’m losing my seniors.”

Though her time as a Newman student may be coming to an end, Baca is looking toward her future as a Newman employee, and the impact that she will have on new and current students alike.

“I’d like to see more students come in to utilize the area for not only studying, but maybe for small social hangouts. I’m going to start an Instagram page and maybe a Twitter page for the library, get little fun facts up, post when we gain or lose any student workers and show when we have small social gatherings.”

Surrounded by class, work and other responsibilities, Baca is doing her best to make the most of everything and manage her time well. 

“As Jeanette says, I’m ‘burning both sides of the candle,’ but I’m enjoying myself. I really enjoy doing the ILLs, I like seeing the inner-workings of the library, but I also get to have some fun outside of school and outside of work.”

Baca looks forward to her new responsibilities as library assistant and she continues to press on both as a student and employee.