Exchange program brings four students to Newman University from overseas

Jun 02, 2016
Newman University

Since 2013, Newman University has been partnering with a university of the same name in Birmingham, UK, to share educational facilities and provide students the opportunity to complete their degrees while including studies abroad. The exchange program between the two universities allows students to compare and experience other cultures while receiving quality education.

Education major Ieuan Thomas will arrive from Birmingham in fall 2016 to study for a full year at Newman in Wichita. In spring 2017, three more students will arrive to continue their education at Newman. Education major Stacey Girling, education major Aimee Higgins, and theater major Shannon Morris said they are excited to further their education at Newman in Wichita.

With the possibility of an additional two students, the exchange program is working very well and comes with many benefits. The cost for education is based on the students’ main residence location, leaving the only cost outside of tuition to be the usual transportation, housing and food. The universities are roughly the same size in enrollment, so students are able to adjust quickly without becoming overwhelmed by a difference in population.

In addition, the students have the opportunity to make new connections and friendships that can last many years.

Cheryl Golden, Newman University exchange program
Cheryl Golden, Ph.D.

Cheryl Golden, Ph.D., professor of history and director of international studies, commented on the efficiency of the program.

“This program offered by Newman provides a cost-effective way to offer our students an international opportunity,” Golden said. “I’m so proud of Newman for making this a priority.”

Approximately 8 to 10 students participate in the program each year, consisting of traditional and non-traditional (returning adult) students. Golden also mentioned that first-ever exchange student math majors will potentially be coming to Newman in the fall of 2018.

“John Vogt, a professor in math, wanted to combine our programs in math,” said Golden, “so we have crafted a joint math program and are very excited to see its results.”

In an earlier interview, Golden said, “This would create another unique opportunity for our current and future students to experience different education styles, different universities and peoples.”