Father Fog’s first pitch: Right down the middle!

Sep 02, 2015

Newman University Chaplain Fr. John Fogliasso trained all summer long. He received last-minute instruction from Newman Head Softball Coach Janice Esses.

And despite being nominally nervous, Padre made all Jets proud when he tossed out the first pitch before the Wichita Wingnuts game Aug. 21, the opening evening social event of the university’s orientation weekend.

“I was honored to be a part of Jet Days,” Fogliasso said, “Although it was never a dream of mine, I’m glad to be able to check throwing a first pitch off of my bucket list!”

When asked whether any professional scouts contacted him after this display Fr. Fog responded, with his tongue firmly planted in cheek:

“What’s more impressive is the fact that I threw a 95 mph strike after not having played baseball in almost 20 years. While the salary of a ‘not-to-be revealed’ major league baseball team offered was a tad higher that my priest income, I am convinced I would not feel as fulfilled in any other calling.”

Unfortunately, no radar gun was available to actually “clock” the speed of Father’s pitch, but an impromptu poll of Newman students, faculty and staff in attendance did indicate they were impressed by his showing.

Fr Fog_first pitch_windup