Founders Plaza and the “buried” time capsule

Sep 12, 2013

As Newman University celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2008, it dedicated Founders Plaza and buried a time capsule to be dug up in 2033 at the centennial celebration. Founders Plaza has become a major hub on the campus with walking traffic crossing it hundreds of time each day; it is also the site of the Party on the Plaza held annually in September. When people come to campus, it is one of the first things they notice. The plaza is the home to the beautiful sculpture of St. Maria De Mattias, the foundress of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and a university student pointing into the future; it is an inspiring piece of art. At the foot of the sculpture are found 230 bricks with the names of Adorers who over the years served God’s people in some capacity on the campus. Their stories are found on the NU website, all 230 short biographies; what a heritage they have left and continue to leave for all of the ever-growing Newman community. Their contributions of these confident, committed, and courageous women have molded our mission and provided an example of deep faith along with a vibrant hope in the providence of God.

Members of the Newman community gathered and selected several items to be placed in a special time capsule as we prepared for the 75th anniversary. A previous time capsule found in Ryan Library prior to its demolition almost 10 years ago was opened in 2007 and provided all with ideas of what we might put in the centennial capsule. The items were chosen by student clubs and leadership groups, faculty, staff, administrators, Alumni Board, Board of Trustees, and the Corporate Board. These items will provide a lens projected on the campus setting 25 years ago, as we completed the new mall and, in particular, Founders Plaza. A special highlight of the anniversary year was the unveiling of the Triumph of the Spirit heritage exhibit found in the Dugan Library and Campus Center; this exhibit so captures the mission of the Adorers and the mission of the university they founded 80 years ago. Hopefully several of you will be around to unearth the centennial time capsule.

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