Geoff Louvar receives award for admissions work

Apr 21, 2022
Geoff Louvar receives the Rising Star award at GPACAC.

Admissions Digital Marketing Manager Geoff Louvar was recently recognized at the joint Great Plains & Missouri Association for College Admissions Counseling (GPACAC) conference in Kansas City, Missouri, as a Rising Star. 

Serving on the executive board for GPACAC, which covers Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska, Louvar links high school counselors with college admissions professionals.

Georgia Drewes, associate director of admissions enrollment management, spoke on the value and significance of Louvar’s award, the team’s success and the importance of the conference.

Digital Marketing Manager Geoff Louvar
Digital Marketing Manager Geoff Louvar

“The Rising Star award,” she began, “is awarded to a professional with no more than five years of experience who has made significant contributions to the organization, has demonstrated a commitment to professionalism, and shows GPACAC/NACAC leadership potential.”

GPACAC’s mission is to “support college admission and counseling professionals through advocacy, education, and ethical practices with the goal of access for all students as they pursue post-secondary opportunities,” according to its website

Drewes continued by explaining Louvar’s role within GPACAC.

“Geoff chairs the technology committee, which updates the GPACAC website, creates online forms and maintains the e-list. The technology committee supports the use of Slate. The role of the technology committee is to see that the image and identity of GPACAC reaches its entire constituency of Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.”

Louvar was deeply honored by GPACAC’s recognition of his time and talent.

Geoff Louvar (second from right) received the Rising Star Award at the 2022 GPACAC.
Geoff Louvar (second from right) received the Rising Star Award at the 2022 GPACAC conference.

“It’s a huge honor to receive an award from the highest recognized regional organization in the admissions profession,” Louvar said. “I’ve enjoyed working with GPACAC and the relationships that I’ve built with other college admissions VPs, directors, and counselors throughout the midwest.”

He is proud to represent Newman in his endeavors, as serving for Newman’s admissions team is his first job in the field.

“Coming from the business marketing world, I’ve only been in higher education for a few years, and it’s a great honor to receive as a Newman Admissions team member.”

Newman is well-represented when it comes to admissions counseling award winners. Past winners have included current Associate Director of Admissions Georgia Drewes and former Associate Director of Admissions Quinn Bowman. Geoff was presented the award by current GPACAC president, Amanda Booth, a former associate director of admissions at Newman University who is now the director of college counseling at Wichita Collegiate School.

(From left to right) Amanda Booth and Admissions Counselor Emily Larkin
(From left to right) Amanda Booth and Admissions Counselor Emily Larkin

This conference was also a special occasion for three new admissions hires — Josh Prilliman, Paige Bonham, and Casey Doyle — as it was their first opportunity for professional development.

The admissions team is proud of their members and their success as a whole, and they continue to ensure that prospective students can find their new homes at Newman.

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