Gerber Institute to present speaker on cyber addiction Nov. 15

Oct 16, 2012

The Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies at Newman University will host Kevin Roberts, author and recovering cyber addict, as a guest speaker on cyber addiction in November. The lecture by Roberts will take place at 7:30 p.m., Nov. 15, in the Performance Hall of the De Mattias Fine Arts Center on the Newman University campus, 3100 McCormick in Wichita. This event is free and open to the public.

The title of the lecture is “Tech Mania: Balance in a Cyber Age.” The lecture will address the use of technology and having a balance with it in our lives.

Roberts will share his recovery from cyber addiction and how he has managed everyday life with having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), while he also struggled with anxiety. Roberts believes we should not only focus on the negatives of the cyber world, but also the incredible advantages and how they can be powerful tools. People who adapt to social media and smart phones and other technologies can use them to advance and succeed. Roberts is the author of Cyber Junkie: Escape the Internet and Gaming Trap published in 2010 and Movers, Dreamers, and Risk Takers: Unlocking Power of ADHD published in 2012.

Fr. Michael Linnebur, Newman University chaplain, director and assistant professor of theology, said, “In today’s world, we are seeing now more than ever how the Internet, video games, Facebook, Twitter, etc., can take over our lives if we let them, to the point that we can become too plugged-in as a society. Mr. Robert’s talk will definitely shed some light to this issue, as well as to give us practical things to consider in having a balanced use of technology.”

Roberts received his master’s degree in ADHD Studies from Antioch University and his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan. Roberts has been a life coach for 13 years, runs support groups to help addicts, and has trained therapists, students, physicians, nurses, teachers, parents, and school administrators on the perils of the internet and video games, as well as ADHD.

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