Newman students find dream golf house

Sep 28, 2016

There is great camaraderie among all of the Newman athletic teams, but one team in particular is a little closer than the others… literally closer. Last year the members of the men’s golf team decided to rent a house together. Seven members of the team were game for the idea so the team got into action and began looking for a house that would comfortably fit all of them.

To the team’s surprise, they found out they hit a hole-in-one when they found the perfect house right by a golf course. Finding a house for rent by a golf course that fit their needs was actually an accident. The guys weren’t specifically looking for a place by a golf course, but it all came together and worked out nicely.

The house has five bedrooms and is working well for the team. Matt Sander said, “So far the experience has been very positive and we all get along great.” One would assume that living with six teammates in the same house could eventually wear on the nerves, but the tight-knit team has had no troubles, and says there are no downsides to the seven of them living together.

In fact, with seven members of the team living together, they have found that it has strengthened their game. The golf course by their house is just a short walk, giving them the opportunity to play the game whenever they wish. Being near to a golf course also gives the team time for extra practice. “Living together helps our golf game because we are all around to talk about rounds and motivate everyone to go out to the course,” Sander said.

Renting a house together has proven a worthy endeavor since the team has grown closer on and off the course. They have had more opportunities to practice together, talk about how to improve their game and build each other up to form a stronger golf team.

Feature image: Newman University Men’s Golf hold a trophie after winning the Evangel Fall Invitational in Springfield, Missouri on Sept. 26 and 27, 2016. F-l-r: Pontus Dahlstrom, Stefan DeDominicis, Lee Maddox, Alex Gorman and Caleb Haight.