Health Care Professions Day

Oct 13, 2016
Health Care Professions Day at Newman University

Saturday, Oct. 8, Newman University Health Care programs and Student Admissions joined together and held a Health Care Professions Day.

This is the second year Health Care Professions Day (HCPD) has been offered to deciding junior and senior students.

“(We wanted to) see how we could target students interested in all the different health care options that are here at Newman,” explained Director of Nursing Teresa Vetter. “We wanted to let them know a little bit more about what different health care areas there are to choose from than to just put it up on the board and say, ‘Well, you have to take these classes and you have to do this,'”

HCPD is a recruitment opportunity for students to come to campus, meet people, and to see the campus. The day began in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center where the students were given a scenario using one of the new simulators to show a specific role each profession offers.

“The important piece we want for the students to see is that health care is about working as a team. So whether you want to be the physician, nurse or OT, none of us can do our jobs by ourselves. We need each other to be able to work as that team that can help somebody,” said Vetter.