ICT Adult Spelling Bee ready for its second year

Jun 07, 2019
ICT spelling bee sign

The ICT Adult Spelling Bee is back for a second year and it is expected to be a buzzing good time.

Dear Neighbor Ministries will hold their second annual ICT Adult Spelling Bee fundraiser June 20 at Newman University. Adults of all spelling abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Jennifer Magaña, Newman Board of Trustees member, participated in last year’s spelling bee and is looking forward to attending this year.

“It was a brilliant and creative idea for a fundraiser and Dear Neighbor Ministries is a cause that my teammates and I had already supported,” Magana said.

“The whole event was well-planned and just plain fun, not only for the participants and the celebrity judges, but I think for the audience as well, because the audience can be called on for assistance at times. For the teams, there was a healthy balance of friendly competition and nervous energy.”

Magaña’s team, the “Bar-Bees”, hope to take home the gold again this year. She added, “I am excited to see how the event grows this year and who the celebrity judges will be. Also, I really enjoyed the trip back in time to my memories of grade-school spelling bees.”

Picture of the Queen Bee Scholars team dressed in bee outfits.
The “Queen Bee Scholars” team dressed like bees to compete in last year’s ICT Adult Spelling Bee.

Bee-themed team names and costumes are encouraged and add to the fun of the event. Magaña’s team is made up of four women attorneys from Wichita. Their team name, the Bar-Bees, references the legal community.

In addition, Magaña’s teammate Kellie Hogan “dressed as a black and yellow Lady Justice, complete with the scales of justice and a blindfold.”

“My hat is off to the committee and the volunteers for planning a great experience, down to the smallest details,” stated Magaña. “This is not like any other fundraiser in Wichita and I think it will keep growing and growing. We are also very honored to support Dear Neighbor Ministries.”

To register for the event, teams and individuals can sign up online here. Tables can be purchased for $200 and a bee watcher ticket is $25. For more information about the event, visit the Dear Neighbor Ministries website.