Future students participate in scholarship and nursing program interviews

Mar 02, 2018
Scholarship Luncheon

Newman University welcomed 34 high school seniors who have been accepted for the 2018-19 academic year who are applying for either the Cardinal Newman Scholarship or the nursing direct admittance program.

Both opportunities are available to students who show a high level of academic success along with demonstrating a love for community service.

The day started with a luncheon celebration for the visitors and their guests.

Director of Undergraduate Admissions Kristen English

Director of Undergraduate Admissions Kristen English said, “These students are all top-notch, high academic students, and the luncheon is a celebration of their achievements in recognition of the great work they are doing in high school and all they’ve accomplished.”

Matthew Clark, visiting from Valley Center High School, interviewed for the Cardinal Newman Scholarship. Clark said he knew he wanted to come to Newman after looking into private education and was hoping for a university with both a great science and English program.

“I’ve been interested in literature for a while and wanted to double major in biology and English,” Clark said. “I’ve been very impressed with the writing education here at Newman … and I think the biology (and English) programs will couple well together.”

Clark said he believes “any scientist or mathematician, or anyone in a research position, should be very good communicators.”

“In addition, I think scientists should be in touch with their humanity,” explained Clark, “and I believe that fiction writing is the perfect way to go about doing that. It forces not only you but the audience to step into someone else’s shoes.”

Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark

Marlie Wagner is looking at the nursing program and interviewed for both the direct admit program and Cardinal Newman Scholarship. She currently participated in a shadowing program through her high school and is still open to what type of nursing she will pursue.

Wagner’s mother, Kim, is a Newman alumna and her brother, Jonah, is currently working on his accounting degree at Newman.

“I chose Newman because the school has been a big part of our lives,” said Wagner. “When I came for my first visit, I really like the community of Newman. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. I know that if I ever have a hard time, I will have someone to talk to.”

Another nursing program candidate, Cheyenne Yale, is looking forward to getting a feel for the campus and meet some of the people who work at the university.

“The reason I chose Newman is that I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about the nursing program. Newman has always been at the top of my list.”

Scholarship Luncheon
Cheyenne Yale

Being around people and helping others is something Yale has always enjoyed doing.

“I currently volunteer at Via Christi on the children’s floor,” Yale said. “I monitor kiddos, but I also help re-stock carts, greet patients and see if there’s anything I can do for anyone. Being in that environment has definitely given me a taste for what nursing is going to be like. It’s preparing me for the busy lifestyle, but also the relationships that form between nurses and patients.”

The students have a variety of on-campus activities to choose from throughout the day, which include learning about the Newman Honors Program and nursing program as well as participating in campus and residence hall tours, financial aid assistance meetings and introductions to faculty members.

Students who attended the informational session on the nursing program were given the opportunity to hear from Director of Nursing Teresa Vetter. She talked to her audience about what the students can expect from the program at Newman, what types of skills and critical thinking abilities they will walk away with.

Director of Nursing Teresa Vetter.

Vetter said the testing and interview process for the direct admit program helps the faculty “see a readiness for a nursing education.”

“The nursing faculty believes communication and math skills are important essential competencies for professional nurses,” explained Vetter. “We need students to come to us with the foundations of these already in place, so the specifics applicable to nursing can be developed.

“One thing I think is consistent in consumers of healthcare is the desire to receive safe and quality care. We work to instill this ability in our nursing students, but we need a sound foundation to build upon.”

During the Honors Program information session, staff member and Newman alumna Emily Simon spoke to the audience in attendance. Simon congratulated the students on the academic success the students have achieved thus far and said the Honors Program is a great way to grow both academically and compassionately. Simon explained that the honor’s program is something that changes a person.

“I hope you’ll realize that you’re a more interesting and thoughtful person when you come out of this experience,” she said, “so when you sit down for an interview, later on, the employer will remember you not just because of the skills you bring to the table, but because of the engaging conversation that you had. And when you’re at a party, you’ll make a lot of people say, ‘I’ve not thought of it that way before.’ I hope you’ll have the opportunity to grow as a human being — and that will benefit you whether you’re the next president, a doctor, a teacher, or mother or father.”