Involvement Fair brings students together for new year

Sep 01, 2016
Involvement Fair

The annual Involvement Fair is a great opportunity for students to become engaged in a new school year. At the fair, various student clubs and organizations at Newman set up booths to provide information for students who may want to join up. Newman has plenty of clubs that cater to everyone’s interests, so it’s no surprise that this year’s fair, which took place from 9 a.m. to noon, Wednesday, Aug. 31, in Eck Hall, drew a large crowd of students.

Involvement fair 2
(Photo by Corbin Riley)

The Jets for Life is a pro-life club dedicated to raising awareness on the importance of human life. Club President Keely Johnson said, “Life has value no matter the circumstances.” Like every club, Jets for Life hosts a number of activities that anyone can be involved with. Coming up this fall, the club will host a speaker and also have a pro-life chalk day where students will write positive pro-life messages on the sidewalks of Newman.

Campus Ministry is another prominent club that holds many events throughout the fall and spring semesters. The group also gives back to the community by working with Habitat for Humanity and other groups. Campus Ministries hosts the fall retreat that many students anticipate and enjoy. Club member Maureen Hogan stated, “The fall retreat is a great time for students to take a break from classes and experience great fellowship.”

(Photo by Susan Crane)
(Photo by Susan Crane)

Students approaching the Theatre Club booth were drawn in by a successful tactic for gaining people’s interest – a duet sung by Jacob Hobbie and Trevor Farney. When asked whether he thought students at other universities have this kind of opportunity to participate and become involved, Hobbie responded, “Clubs are harder to make at other schools. At Newman it is easier to create a club and begin forming camaraderie with other students.”

Hobbie further explained that “Clubs at Newman are predominantly student led, whereas on other campuses, faculty are more involved.” The clubs at Newman present a unique opportunity for students to have fellowship outside of the classroom. “We’re able to carve out our own path,” Hobbie concluded.

His fellow thespian, Farney, elaborated. “Newman is more communal because it’s smaller. We’re not a village-sized university, so we’re able to form more intimate groups. With an involvement fair like this we can all hang out. Once people join clubs, everyone is able to get to know each other better and form deeper relationships.”

To learn more about the clubs on campus, visit online or contact Lauren Fontarum at 942-4291, ext. 2453.