Newman to host ISSP camp for future STEM majors

May 28, 2019
ISSP 2018

Above photo: Students attending the 2018 ISSP pose for a photo in the Bishop Gerber Science Center.

Summer may be here, but for some high school students, learning is still calling their name. From June 17 through 27, Newman University will be holding the Investigative Summer STEM Program (ISSP).

The program is for students who are interested in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related field, according to Debbie Flax, administrative assistant to the dean of undergraduate studies. Flax also assists with the ISSP camp; working behind the scenes to ensure the program runs smoothly.

With decreasing numbers of young people pursuing STEM careers, ISSP was designed to help engage young people in those fields. Newman University staff members lead the program, and sponsors, such as the Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation, contribute to ISSP as well.

Flax said ISSP is typically the same format each year. However, she added that since “Koch is an integral part of this program,” they work closely together to provide unique opportunities. This year, the participants will have the chance to tour the new lab facilities at Koch Industries.

ISSP provides various types of activities for a more engaging and well-rounded experience.

“The students can expect to do a lot of different activities,” Flax explained. “There will be lab activities for them to do. They will be formed into groups and will present a presentation on the last day of camp. There will be guest speakers that will attend Newman and talk to the ISSP students. Also, there will be some fun activities like going to Tanganyika Wildlife Park and taking the students bowling. We try really hard to mix things up so that the students are not always doing the same thing.”

During the program, the participants will receive room and board on the Newman campus. Flax said this can also serve as an introduction to the campus life experience.

Another perk to ISSP is a head start on college. “At the conclusion of ISSP, the students will receive two hours of college credit. So for any student wanting to get ahead with some college credits, this is a good way to do it,” stated Flax.

ISSP logo


High school sophomores through seniors are eligible to attend the program. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is necessary. In addition, applicants should be interested in a career involving STEM.

An application along with an essay and transcript are required to be considered. Applications for guaranteed consideration for this year were due on May 4, 2019. Once accepted, the students must pay a fee to attend. The participants are required to stay in the on-campus housing for the duration of the program.

For more information about the ISSP program, click here.