‘It’s not you, it’s them’ – micro aggression and unconscious bias panel

Feb 15, 2018

The Diversity program will host a panel about facing microaggression and unconscious bias on Wednesday, Feb. 21, from 5-8 p.m. in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center.

A microaggression is a statement, action or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group such as a racial or ethnic minority. Implicit or unconscious bias happens by our brains making incredibly quick judgments and assessments of people and situations without us realizing.

The event will offer a variety of panelists from the Wichita area who will educate the audience on how to address issues of microaggression and unconscious bias as they arise, as well as how to avoid falling into having an unconscious bias.

Panelists include Danielle Johnson, assistant director of the Office of Diversity at Wichita State University, as well as Josh Villa, a WSU student. The Newman University community will be able to engage in an open dialogue of the sensitive nature of microaggressions and how they happen in everyday life.

Ami Larrea
Academic and International Advisor Ami Larrea.

Academic and International Advisor Ami Larrea said, “I am glad that we are doing this event, and it is very important to continue having these discussions on our campus so that we can support our students and continue trying to transform society to be a better place for all of us.”