Judo classes take off at Newman University

Mar 10, 2016
Judo classes wichita

Athletic Director Vic Trilli recently informed the Newman University community that Judoka classes, instructed by Greg Gideon, on campus are taking off.

“Judo is thriving at Newman University,” Gideon said. “In less than six months, we have established a rapidly growing class of enthusiastic judo students. The outlook for Judo at Newman University is bright. The administration has been highly supportive of Judo at the university. In particular, the Newman Athletic Director, Coach Vic Trilli, has enthusiastically embraced Judo and is working closely with us to establish a long-term university presence. We are quite pleased to build that relationship with Newman officials. We believe Judo has found a collegiate home in Wichita.”

The class bases itself at Newman University, but it is offered to anyone interested. The class currently consists of many students from Newman as well as from Wichita State University and Wichita community members interested in the martial art.

“We have also developed a high school outreach program,” Gideon said.

Currently, only Kapaun Mount Carmel, Bishop Carroll High School, Trinity Academy and the Classical School are involved.

“We’re expecting other high schools to pick it up, too,” Gideon said.

Learn more about Judo from Gideon and see the class >>

Those interested in the class can email Gideon at [email protected] or called Assistant Instructor Mark Gideon at (316) 312-1437.