Come fly kites with Kaleidoscope and friends

Apr 26, 2018

Grab a couple pals and come on down — Kaleidoscope and friends are hosting an anti-stress kite flying event on campus from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 5, on the Wilkins Soccer Field.

Kaleidoscope is partnering with the Black Student Union (BSU), the International Student Association (ISA), the Hispanic-American Leadership Organization (HALO), the Multi-Cultural Leadership Organization (MCLO) to make this event, which is sponsored by the Student Government Association (SGA), possible.

Hiegert said the event will be similar to the Holly Jolly Holiday Party, which took place in November as a way to raise money for the South Central Mental Health (SCMH) center, a nonprofit organization in Kansas.

This time, Kaleidoscope is teaming up with the nonprofit GLSEN — an organization that works with anti-bullying, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment campaigns. Its mission is to ensure that “every student, in every school, be valued and treated with respect, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

“We like to hold events that strengthen Newman’s ties to the greater Wichita community,” said Delaney Hiegert, vice president of Kaleidescope. “We did that with the Holly Jolly Holiday Party and we want to try and do that again by opening up the campus to alumni, families and anyone in the community who want to come out and have fun.”

For a $3 per person entrance fee, or $10 per family, guests will receive a meal ticket and kite to decorate and fly. All proceeds will go to the Greater Wichita GLSEN Chapter.

Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served along with different sides, drinks and an elote bar with “all the traditional Mexican fixings,” made by members of HALO.

“We’ll have a kite-decorating station with the kite kits already prepared, so people can put sparkles, glitter or whatever else they want on the kite and then fly them,”  Hiegert said. “We’re also going to have yard games courtesy of the Campus Activities Board.”

“It’s family-friendly, but I think college students will enjoy a lot of the events as well. We’re going to have a giant parachute like the ones we grew up with in P.E. class, so there will be a little nostalgia for college kids, too.”

Hiegert said Kaleidoscope brainstorms many ideas for its events by first coming up with a fun name, then building an event around it.

“Kevin thought that ‘Kites with Kaleidoscope’ sounded really cute and I think everyone else did, so we pitched it at a meeting and the event formed from there,” Hiegert said.

Junior Kevin Clack, president of Kaleidoscope, said that he always loved kites while growing up.

“I used to try and make my own out of popsicle sticks and paper towels, but now I’m glad I’ll be able to relive my childhood dreams,” Clack said. “With the event right around the corner, I’m most excited to see all the kids make their own kites and run around to fly them. I’m also excited to see some Newman students come out and relive some of their childhood dreams as well.”

Hiegert added, “Kaleidoscope is trying to do something each semester that gives back to a nonprofit or an organization in need in the community, especially involving youth. If we can find a cause that helps LGBT youth as well, that’s awesome, but it’s just great to have an event that ties into Newman’s spirit of volunteerism, giving back to the community and having fun doing it.”

“Overall, no matter who comes out to the event, they’re sure to have a good time whether they’re hungry, love kites or just want to enjoy good weather,” Clack said.