Newman professor shares her love for teaching

Dec 13, 2018
Mallory Arellano

Newman Assistant Professor of Education Mallory Arellano originally chose veterinarian school as her career path. But she soon realized her love for teaching was pulling her in a different direction.

Arellano decided to change her career path to teaching and eventually became a Newman University student in the English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program. She also holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction through Newman, graduating in May 2016.

She started working at Newman’s western Kansas outreach location in July 2018.

Arellano said the ESOL program prepared her well for the classroom and the required assessments she had to take.

“I appreciated the face-to-face classes and the ITV courses with instructors from campus,” she explained. “I would choose the ESOL program again without a doubt and highly recommend it to friends and colleagues.”

In fact, that is just what she did. Arellano’s spouse originally started as a paraprofessional for the Garden City, Kansas, school district and Arellano “provided understanding and encouragement through this fast-paced, accelerated program” as her spouse was going through.

Arellano said she highly enjoys working at Newman and appreciates that she still has the chance to teach students.

Classes she teaches include Art & Science of Teaching, Instructional Planning and Field Experience 1, Intro to Education and Early Childhood Development.

“I have enjoyed the classes,” said Arellano. “I love seeing the student interns make it through their student teaching and passing their portfolio. I work with a great team out in western Kansas and I have appreciated how welcome I have felt from the faculty on campus, as well.”

Arellano said the students are the reason she stays motivated and committed to teaching.

“I have had a lot of great teachers in my own education experience … teachers (who) helped shape me into who I want to be as an educator.

“Seeing students go through the program to the end and getting excited about teaching their first class of students is definitely a highlight so far,” she added. “When I was teaching at the elementary level, it was the ‘ah-ha’ moments that were my favorite because students were excited about finally putting all the pieces together to understand a concept.

“I am hoping, through my love and passion of teaching, this will encourage my students to strive to be a better teacher every day for their future students.”