Newman professor gives briefing at local museum

Jul 21, 2020
Scott McIntosh

Newman University Assistant Professor of Strategic Intelligence Scott McIntosh is a retired military analyst and foreign area officer. He speaks at many functions within the community on topics from business to warfare.

Most recently, he spoke at the Museum of World Treasure’s Coffee with the Curator Thursday, July 16.

The museum has been holding Coffee with the Curator events since 2012. Taking place on the third Thursday of each month, the series is designed for seniors but is open to all public.

The goal is to have a variety of topics presented each month that relates to national or local history, culture or travel. Kristen Martin, MOWT programs director and Newman alumna, said the series is an enrichment and learning opportunity for adults who are eager to learn.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a new opportunity for the museum to add a virtual component. The presentations are being offered on Zoom and recorded for YouTube.

McIntosh’s talk, “John Boyd,” discusses how the psychological Boyd Cycle, also known as the OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop, started as a military tactical strategy but has also found relevance in both the business and athletic worlds, resulting in amazing success.

The briefing is based on “The Wingman-Philosopher of MiG Alley: John Boyd and the OODA Loop,” an article published in Air Power History, the official magazine of the Air Force Historical Foundation.

The topic, of course, held a great deal of relevance to the museum as he was able to connect his briefing to a World War II display at the museum.

Using his experience as a retired Air Force analyst, McIntosh discussed how the OODA loop was used by WWII pilots. He also threw in a little history about a locally famous WWII pilot, Col. James Jabara.

He first became involved with the museum talks when colleague Cheryl Golden, Ph.D., suggested he speak at one of their events.

McIntosh has presented at the museum in the past and sits on the exhibits committee. He also volunteers on weekends alongside his daughter.

“Giving these briefings is great, but I also really enjoy volunteering,” he said. “My daughter and I started about a year ago, we come out on weekends to do some volunteer work. The fact that I have a 16-year-old who’s excited about coming to a museum and hanging out for a day is a big deal.”