Monti Washington inspires students at Newman University

Feb 18, 2016

Motivational speaker Monti Washington came to Newman University Monday, Feb. 15. After the event, many students commented on how they were inspired by Washington’s powerful words.

The 2011 Arizona Performing Artist of the Year, Washington travels around the United States spreading the word of his patented “TRU Motivation” and his “Montivation.” Washington shares his story about being brought up on the streets, and then through the foster care system; about how he battled and struggled with anxiety and depression; and how he beat the odds of his upbringing to become a successful, positive and motivated individual.

Washington is also an aspiring actor. Currently living in Los Angeles, he has been auditioning and booking gigs on top of traveling as a motivational speaker.

Watch this 10-minute video that covers some highlights from Washington’s speech.

If interested in following Washington, check out his social channels below:

The Campus Activities Board sponsored this event.