Mysterious cylinder discovered in Heimerman Science Center

Jan 05, 2017
Heimerman Time Capsule

A construction crew began removing a dedication plaque from the exterior wall of the Heimerman Science Center on Thursday, Jan. 5. As they chiseled around the perimeter of the stone, a cylindrical object appeared behind the plaque. It appeared that the object may be a time capsule.

Heimerman Dedication PlaqueIf it is a time capsule, no one currently at Newman seems to know about it, let alone what it contains. The object is likely to date back to 1966 when the Heimerman Science Center was built.

The cylinder will be removed from the wall on the morning of Friday, Jan. 6. Newman University administrators plan to unveil its contents during a “topping off ceremony” for the Bishop Gerber Science Center building project to take place on Monday, Jan. 9 at 2 p.m.

The plaque is to be removed from the Heimerman Science Center and will be repurposed as a historical marker for a landscaped reflection space to be built where the Heimerman building currently stands.

Director of Mission Effectiveness and Archives Charlotte Rohrbach, ASC will be presenting on the topic of Sister Marciana Heimerman’s life during a Mission Talk forum on Feb. 15 at noon as part of the Newman University Heritage Month celebration.