NCAA basketball brackets and spring intramurals

Mar 17, 2015

Are you ready for some fun? Student Life has announced the sporting activities and events to be featured in Newman’s spring intramural program.

Intramural events include indoor basketball, outdoor soccer, sand volleyball and bracketology.

With the exception of the bracketology, a game to determine Newman’s top prognosticator for the 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, all intramural activities begin after Spring Break. Schedules will be announced March 23.

Newman Dean of Students Levi Esses sees intramurals as a vital part for recreation and social interaction on campus.

“At NU, we want to provide these opportunities for our student body. I am excited for the spring weather and to enjoy it by providing some outdoor recreation programs,” Esses said.

Intramural activites are open to any current Newman student, faculty or staff member.

“I am excited for spring intramurals because the new system in place will hopefully be more appealing to the student body,” said Student Life Coordinator and Director of Intramurals Mic Brunner. “I have received many inquiries about specific sports, and so I am quite optimistic this will be something that will benefit the students greatly.

“I am especially excited for bracketology, since it will hopefully get students involved in intramurals who have previously not been involved. It’ll be fun to get many new Jets involved,” Brunner added.

For the bracketology competition, NCAA Athletes/Coaches may fill out a bracket, but are ineligible to receive any prizes, and will thus be competing for “bragging rights.” Other Newman faculty, staff and students are eligible for prizes.

Brackets must be submitted through Check your Newman email account to get the password. All participants must submit their brackets before Thursday, March 19. Only two entries are allowed per student, faculty or staff member.

The winning bracket will receive a prize, yet to be determined. The Newman brackets champion will be announced April 7.

“Bracketology is a fun way to participate in March Madness,” Esses said. “I will be interested to see who can match up the correct Final Four and NCAA champion.”

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