Soaring into the Future: new mission and logo for Newman athletics

Sep 02, 2021
Newman Athletics Soaring into the Future

The Newman University athletic department has announced the creation of its Soaring into the Future mission and visual brand identity, including a new logo. 

The mission of Newman athletics is to empower student-athletes on the field to transform society off the field. Achievement comes through faithful focus on its core values of competitive excellence, investment in development, academic success and serving others. The initiative has taken nearly three years of research, creative development and conversations with current and past student-athletes, athletic staff members and other university stakeholders. It began with a desire to enhance the school’s athletic logo as it moved to a new conference. 

Athletic Director Joanna Pryor believes the result provides clear direction for her department. “It spells out what it means to be a Newman student-athlete and how every coach and staff member plays a role in helping them make an impact while in college and beyond.”

Associate Athletic Director for External Operations Zane Ehling led the overall project and Admissions Digital Manager Geoff Louvar developed the brand creatives and guide.

“I am extremely grateful for the dedication and efforts put forth by Geoff and Zane. The culminating results of this project depict the careful thought and consideration the two put into this process,” Pryor said.

Soaring into the Future features a new visual identity. For the first time in history, Newman University athletics has a new logo, also known as a wordmark. It reflects the past and looks forward to a brighter future for the Newman Jets.

Louvar first approached the athletic department in 2019 about freshening up its logo. “As a newly hired employee, one of the first things I noticed was the lack of use and pride shown for the athletic logo throughout campus. I wanted to put my experience, love of sports and graphic design skills together to help the Newman athletic program move forward to replace what was lacking in representation, eye appeal and spirit,” Louvar said. 

Soaring into the Future: Primary mark

Newman Athletics has a new logo as part its new visual identity and mission
Newman Athletics unveiled a logo as part its new visual identity and mission

The primary logo is a circular mark with a white background that features the school name “NEWMAN” in white on a navy blue ring.  “UNIVERSITY” in red follows the arc inside the white of the circle. The circular logo resembles past iterations of Jet Pride. The outermost layer of the logo is a baby blue accent. Baby blue is now the tertiary color of Newman Athletics. The primary colors of navy blue and red remain unchanged. Additionally, the tertiary color is used as an accent on the jet.
The jet is navy blue and soaring full speed ahead powered by three red thrusters from left to right. The tail of the jet is red. The thrusters honor Newman’s founding religious order, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. The Adorers’ logo features three drops of Jesus’ blood falling from the cross within a heart-shaped logo.
The “JETS” wordmark is red with a white outline supplanted beneath the soaring jet and is composed of a modern typeface and a wing attached below as in the previous logo. 
“A major difference is that the wing is pointed up and to the right. This adaptation of the former athletics logo sparks a culture shift and growth mindset within the department,” Ehling said.

Soaring into the Future: Secondary mark

The visual brand also consists of a secondary logo, an “NU” moniker offset with the “N” higher than the “U.” The letters slant rightward. The letters are red with a white and a navy blue outermost outline. The sharp angles of the letters provide a modern look for the department.

Secondary mark shows Newman Soaring into the Future

Newman University’s main logo, featuring the “NU” with a cross inside the “U” remains the institution’s official logo while this new design is for athletic usage only.  

Both the primary and secondary marks will represent the brand of Newman University Athletics.

Soaring into the Future: Wordmark

Newman's new athletics wordmark

Additionally, Louvar created a “Newman University” word mark for athletics’ use. The custom font features three widgets on the first “N”, the “A” and the second “N” in “NEWMAN”, and are intentionally placed to promote the university’s Catholic identity by symbolizing the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The three widgets also are representative of the institution’s three names of Sacred Heart, Kansas Newman College and Newman University, as well as in honor of the Adorers.

Soaring into the Future mission statement

Newman University athletics empowers student-athletes on the field to transform society off the field, achieved through its core values of competitive excellence, investment in development, academic success, and serving others. 
Newman student athletes, coaches and staff exemplify competitive excellence in their commitment and by striving to be the standard in their environment. Investment in development illustrates Newman’s dedication to the growth of student-athletes on and off the field. The focus for the core pillar of academic success is implementing what is learned and applying it to transform society. Newman athletics embodies serving others by being selfless in the community and in helping those around us.
The Soaring into the Future initiative is the product of interdepartmental collaboration. The logo redesign, new brand identity and mission shows that Newman University is truly an example of the university’s culture.  
“For the past three years, we have been researching, designing and gathering feedback from students, faculty and staff while developing the new athletics logo in my free time. It’s been a long tedious journey but seeing the student-athletes’ positive reactions to the new logo has made all the countless hours well worth it,” Louvar said.

Newman Jets new mission and brand identity Soaring into the Future

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