Newman security team prepares for students’ return to campus

Jul 19, 2018
Newman University gets new security team.

Newman University Director of Security Morris “Mo” Floyd has a new team of officers. As of July 1, 2018, Newman has a two-year contract with Smart Security Inc.

“They are a veteran-based company that comes in with experience, training and technology,” said Floyd. “They went through some transitions about five years ago and have improved greatly in that time, so I’m very impressed with who we have out here so far.”

One of the new members includes an officer who worked on last year’s Newman security team. Floyd said this individual’s care and previous employment on campus will be a valuable asset to the new team.

Before the contract officially began, Floyd held an orientation session for the members of security. He led the team on a campus tour to familiarize them with the various buildings and discussed goals and expectations. Topics covered include the security team’s purpose on campus, responsibilities, healthy habits and communication.

“Our purpose here is to provide services for the students, faculty and staff in whatever way we can,” Floyd said.

Floyd shared his philosophy on campus security with the new team members in a PowerPoint presentation.
Floyd shared his philosophy on campus security with the new team members during a PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to being a visible presence, the security team will complete safety rounds throughout buildings and parking lots, help put up signs around campus, unlock buildings, monitor activities and more. Floyd said that while some tasks may be out of the ordinary, such as giving students rides on the golf carts when they are injured, the security team hopes to provide services to any person who needs them.

Floyd said one of his goals for the new team is to establish a friendly and approachable relationship between the security team and students, faculty and staff members.

“I want my guys to be approachable,” Floyd said. “I don’t want people to be afraid to come up to them because they’ll get some kind of attitude or won’t be believed. One of the things I told them was, regardless of what the call is, that becomes the most important thing for them at that time — to go deal with it.

“I also told the new officers that they need to be friendly, but there is a line that they cannot cross when it comes to students, faculty or staff — particularly with students in relation to Title IX violations. I have a zero-tolerance policy on that. That, to me, would totally ruin the college experience for somebody and I don’t want that.”

Floyd said he wants students, faculty and staff to know that everybody is a part of security when it comes to observation on campus.

“If you see something suspicious, please let us know,” he said. “We’re all in this together, and if anything is ever not handled to your satisfaction, you can always get in touch with me. I want to hear about things that aren’t right and fix them, and I’m always open to suggestions on how to improve security.”

Every year, people leave items in their vehicles, and every year there are people who wander through the Newman parking lots, trying to open car doors and looking for a quick steal, Floyd said.

“Locking your car is a No. 1 (rule), but (thieves) are also very good at breaking out windows. They can do it quickly and quietly, and if they see something to take, they will take it. Do not leave anything in your vehicle — or if you do, make sure it is secure and out of sight.

“Please don’t forget to give us a call when you see someone or something that is not right for this campus,” he added. “This helps us out quite a bit.”

In addition to top-of-the-line security, Floyd plans on continuing to provide students, faculty and staff with more creatively poetic and lyrical emails when items are turned into the lost and found.

“Mo’s emails are the highlight of my day,” said senior Madison McCollum. “I’ve missed them immensely over the summer, and, as bad as it sounds, I can’t wait for us to get back and for people to start losing things again. He puts so much effort into each and every story and it gives us comedic gold like Skippy the Cat, my favorite ongoing character, and it’s just another way Mo goes above and beyond for the students at Newman.”

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