Newman 360Five episodes now online

Aug 27, 2015
Newman 360Five

Last weekend, Aug. 21 – 23 was busy for Newman University. In addition to current students returning to campus, Newman University held its freshmen and transfer orientation sessions, Jet Days ’15.

On top of all the back to school chaos, Newman360Five returned with a vengeance.

Newman360Five is a student led YouTube web series, first created in 2010. The initial series was led by Newman student Adam Grelinger, who would give campus and event updates. It ran for nearly two years, with contributions from many students over its production run. In its final days, the anchors were Raymond Apollo Williams and Peter Paul Abella. When Williams and Abella graduated, Newman360Five went into a hiatus.

With the start of the new school year, the cobwebs and dust have been wiped away from the cameras and lights, to reveal a shiny new Newman360Five.

360 Five hosts Justin Ralph (l) and Jalen Love (r) focus on Newman campus life and have a lot fun while doing it.
360Five hosts Justin Ralph (l) and Jalen Love (r) focus on Newman campus life and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Living on it’s own YouTube channel, the new Newman360Five is being led by Newman students Justin Ralph and Jalen Love. Other students have already helped too, like Kati Bush, Wesley Williams, and Delaney Hiegert.

Newman360Five is back with the goal to give the world more then just a 360 degree view of Newman University. The hope is to give a 360-FIVE degree view of campus, because that extra five degrees is the students, who make all the difference at Newman.

Check out and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube, like Newman360Five on Facebook, and be on the look out for more Newman360Five!

Watch episodes below.