Newman history trivia questions: Week Two

Aug 29, 2013

As part of Newman University’s upcoming 80th Anniversary celebration, Up to the Minute is including some NU history trivia questions over the next few issues.

The answers to last week’s questions:

  • What is the name of the piece from which the above quote was taken?
    Answer: “The Eternal Ballad”
  • Who wrote these words?
    Answer: Esther Torline, ASC
  • What was the occasion for which these words were written?
    Answer: Dedication of De Mattias Hall in 1951 (honoring Vatican’s beatification of Maria De Mattias, Oct. 10, 1950).
  • What happened in the spring of 1933 that directly led to the founding of Sacred Heart Junior College on Sept. 12, 1933?
    Answer: Kansas Department of Education refused to give future credit for courses if not taken at the Municipal University, now Wichita State University.

Trivia Question #2

“Prior to the formation of the Wichita Province (of the Adorers) in 1929, Bishop August J. Schwertner in 1928 has instructed the diocesan superintendent of schools, Reverend Leon McNeill, to provide Catholic training for the teaching sisters in the diocese.  At that time, there were 6,257 elementary school students taught by sisters from seven orders . . .” of Catholic sisters.  The state of Kansas was looking critically at its teacher certification policy and the Wichita Diocese was trying to organize a unified system of education.  The religious communities were concerned about the professional preparation of their teaching sisters.  When the State Board of Education issued its decision in 1933 that the hours taken by the sisters had to be in residence at the Municipal College, the provincial of the Adorers, Beata Netemeyer, asked McNeill “if they might start a college under the supervision and direction of the Diocesan School Office . . . and if (McNeill) would consent to be the first president.”

Let’s see how much you know about those early years as we prepare for Newman University’s 80th Anniversary:

  • What was the price of tuition per credit hour?
    1. $25.00
    2. $1.25
    3. $2.50
    4. $12.50
  • Who authored the college motto, “Caritas Christi Urget Nos”?
    1. Sr. Beata Netemeyer
    2. Bishop Schwertner
    3. Sr. Esther Torline
    4. Rev. Leon McNeill
  • Who designed the College seal?
    1. Rev. Leon McNeill
    2. Sr. Petrona Steiferman
    3. Sr. Beata Netemeyer
    4. Mary Werner
  • How long did Rev. Leon McNeill serve as the president of Sacred Heart Junior College?
    1. 1933-1940
    2. 1933-1945
    3. 1933-1941
    4. 1933-1950

Think you know the answers? Write your answers in the comments on the right or check out next week’s issue for answers to today’s trivia questions!

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