Newman receives Kansas Health Foundation grant for science outreach programs

Dec 03, 2015

Newman University received a grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, Wichita, Kan., to support Newman science outreach programs in the upcoming 2016 year.

According to Director of Grants Bill Meitl, this is the first year Newman has received this particular recognition grant. The money will be used in the spring and summer for the Newman Native American, Hispanic, and Investigative Summer Science outreach programs directed by Associate Professor of Biology Stacy Jones, Ph.D. Newman was awarded the maximum amount of $25,000.

“I designed this with Dr. Jones to accommodate the science outreach programs,” Meitl said. “It was kind of a new effort on our part. We went into pretty good detail about what the programs do, what they’re designed to do, and how they help science students.

“We’re really excited,” he said. “It’s a first-time thing and it’ll be really good for the program because it supports all three of the programs.”

Vice President for University Advancement J.V. Johnston said that Newman is grateful for the grant because it will benefit the outreach program tremendously.

“These programs have been very successful in the past,” he said. “We’re very grateful to have received this aid and are excited to use it to the students’ highest benefit. This will allow Stacy Jones and her team to grow the already successful program to inspire more students in the STEM fields.”

The Kansas Health Foundation is a philanthropy dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans. For more information about the Kansas Health Foundation, visit