Newman science outreach programs moving forward

Apr 14, 2016

The Newman University Hispanic Scholar and Native American Scholar programs are quickly coming to a close. The programs began meeting every Wednesday from 4 to 5:30 p.m. beginning on Feb. 3 and they will finish the program on April 27.

The Newman Hispanic Scholar and Native American Scholar programs are designed to motivate high school students by using an investigative, hands-on approach to help them graduate from high school. The programs aim to broaden scientific interest and inform students on the need for new professionals in the field. Both programs are offered in the spring semester each year and participants receive one hour of college credit upon successful completion.IMG_4567

On March 30, both student groups were in the classroom working with Newman professors on different things. John Vogt, associate professor of science and mathematics, worked with the Native American Scholars on ‘check digits’ such as UPC, ISBN and VIN numbers.

“Check digits help prevent transcription errors and forgery,” he said. “Many check digit schemes use some form of modular arithmetic, so the topic is a very accessible application of mathematics for most people.”

John Leveritt, assistant professor of chemistry, said he worked with his students doing an experiment regarding radiation.

“A variety of everyday sources of nuclear radiation were studied, and the methods for detecting this form of radiation was explored,” he said.

Newman University Science Outreach Programs director Stacy Jones said there are 19 Native American Scholars and 11 Hispanic Scholars enrolled this year.

“My hope is that the spring programs help to increase interest and engagement of the students in the STEM related fields,” she said. “The goal is to allow for students to have a variety of STEM interactions and explore various career options in these fields.”