Newman students to travel, study through Europe

Apr 23, 2015

Every other year, Associate Professor of History Kelly McFall, PhD. makes use of railcars, subway systems, and other forms of public transportation to guide a group of Newman students through Europe. The trip provides an excellent opportunity to travel Europe, and McFall hopes students will develop an appreciation of other cultures and ideas, and will return equipped with effective traveling skills they can carry into adulthood.

Pictured l-r: Newman University Associate Professor of History, Kelly McFall, Ph.D., Derek Haas, AJ Swanson, Gloria Esparza
Pictured l-r: Newman University Associate Professor of History Kelly McFall, Ph.D. and students Derek Haas, A.J. Swanson and Gloria Esparza will explore Europe this summer.

“When I grew up, more years ago than I’d like to think about, the middle class didn’t travel very far. I remember going to D.C. once; that was the big trip of my life.”

When he was finally able to travel to Vienna to study abroad, McFall discovered he loved it, and has since been eager to instill the same sense of wonder and excitement in Newman students.

“I want to teach them the skills that will allow them to plan their own trip,” said McFall, “Everything from trying to find the cheapest airfare, to figuring out how to evaluate a hostel from 6,000 miles away, to figuring out how to buy the right kind of subway pass so you don’t get caught by police.”

McFall and the Newman students will leave May 18 for Vienna, Austria, and plan to return June 6. Cities frequently visited by McFall on his European trips include Vienna, London, Berlin, Krakow, Budapest, Prague, and other well-known European cities.

If you plan to travel this summer, consider some of the tips offered by Dr. McFall in this short video: