Newman community proud to be part of Wichita’s 150-year history

Jul 21, 2020
orientation weekend
The 2019-20 first-time students pose near the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita, Kansas.

The city of Wichita turns 150 years old on July 21. The milestone birthday comes with a great deal of celebrating throughout the city. Visit Wichita created a list of 150 ways to celebrate Wichita’s sesquicentennial safely.

Established in 1933, Newman University has been a part of Wichita’s history for 87 years.

The first graduating class of Sacred Heart College, now Newman University, 1934.

Staff, faculty, students and Newman community members have enjoyed opportunities to strengthen bonds between the university and the city of Wichita through service work and activities throughout the years.

The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, Newman’s founding order and sponsor, have contributed greatly to the Wichita population. Along with founding the university, they created organizations such as the Women’s Initiative Network to serve victims of domestic violence and Center of Hope to aid in the fight to eradicate homelessness in Wichita.

Newman University students often speak of their unique experience in Wichita, attending a small college in an urban atmosphere. Students are provided with personal attention and find their chosen family on campus while Wichita provides big-city opportunities for work and play.

An aerial photo of Newman University circa 1935.

We asked some Newman community members what their favorite part of Wichita is:

Junior Gabrielle Altenor from Wichita:  “I love Wichita for its diverse community and atmosphere. In my opinion, it’s the perfect mix between suburban and city life.”

Senior Haley Albers from Cheney, Kansas: “Nifty Nuthouse. I have a really big sweet tooth and can always find something really yummy — usually more than I need.”

Bookstore Manager Larry Williams from Wichita: “I love that Wichita has the friendliness of a small town, but lots of choices for restaurants and entertainment that larger cities offer. I also love that we are only a day’s drive from the mountains of Colorado or a long days’ drive from the ocean.”

Senior Caleb Limes from Wichita: “The community; everyone almost knows everyone. It is like that small town where you will find out your best friend knows one of your best friends on the other side of town. Something like that.”

Head Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach Taryn Torgerson from Buhler, Kansas: “I love the community support. I’ve only been in Wichita for six years and feel like I’ve been here my whole life with the connections I have made and the love I’ve received from people within this community. I also love the size, it’s not so big that it’s overwhelming to go anywhere but it’s big enough to have everything I need. It’s the perfect fit and home for me.”

Senior Paige Wallace from Olathe, Kansas: “My favorite thing about Wichita is that it’s not too far away from my family but far enough away I have my own space. It’s a big city so I stay busy and entertained.”

Director of Steckline Art Gallery Shannon Johnston from Wichita: “My favorite thing about Wichita is this renaissance we’re in. Since I moved back to Wichita new coffee shops, local businesses, murals, breweries, etc seem to be popping up every day. It’s exciting to be a part of a community that loves seeing growth in their city.  Specific favorites include Harvester Arts, Central Standard Brewing, the Ulrich Art Museum, Revolutsia, Espresso To Go Go, The farmers market at the Sedgwick County extension office and Sundown Parade at River Fest.”

Director of Admissions Cammie Kennedy from Atlanta loves the small-town feel and what Wichita has to offer: “Having grown up and lived in some very big cities that come with lots of traffic and a high cost of living, I never in my life thought I would live in a small city and be happy. Moving to Wichita was unexpected and has been the smartest move financially that I could have made. I can get from the east side to the west side in the same amount of time it used to take me to go five miles in a big city like Atlanta or Denver. I love that traffic really doesn’t exist. Most importantly, I love the cost of living. I tell all of my family and friends that it’s like 1984 but without the astronomical interest rates. Everything that I need is here, like Costco, Trader Joe’s, fresh food markets, local eateries, great shopping. If I can’t find it, Amazon gets it to me in a couple of days.”