NU teacher and student recognized for acting/musical performances

Oct 16, 2014

On Sept. 22 two individuals from Newman University were recognized off campus for their acting and musical performances. Student Rusty Carbaugh received a Special Merit for Musical Performance Mary Jane Teall Award for her performance as one-fifth of the Liebeslieders in the Guild Hall Players’ production of “A Little Night Music” by Stephen Sondheim. Deanne Zogleman, Director of the Newman University Music Department, also received an award as lead actress for her role as the witch in “Into the Woods”.

“I’m very thankful for the award. Let me tell you, that E5 was not easy to hit night after night, but it was certainly fun to be able to do it,” Carbaugh said. “I think the five of us [students Justin Ralph and C.L. Smet, and alumni Rebekah and Lyle Valentine] focused more on having fun with each other than on ‘the art of performance,’ and in that way, it made it more enjoyable for us and the audience.”

Zogleman was nominated twice as lead actress for the Witch in “Into the Woods” and for Desiree in “A Little Night Music.”

“That was quite an honor to be nominated in that category twice, as there are only six nominations. I was very honored to win as the Witch was such a fun, complicated role,” Zogleman said.

“I’m not actually clear on how we won [the award]. I guess the board members thought we did an exceptional job and deserved recognition,” Carbaugh said.

“It is just like any other awards show that you get to make a speech and thank people when you win and you receive a beautiful glass egg made by Karg Glass. Rusty received a certificate since it was a special merit for her work in ‘A Little Night Music’ in the quintet,” Zogleman said.

“It’s hard to pursue theatre as a career, and I find myself in doubt at least 80 percent of the time, which is completely normal for art majors, but it’s things like these that give us a little assurance that yes, I can do this. When I push myself, I become enough,” Carbaugh said.

“I think it’s extremely important for my music students and Mark’s (Director of Theatre Mark Mannette) theater students to see that I am actually performing, so I understand from the performance side as well as the directing side,” Zogleman said. “I also think it is great to see the professionalism that I teach them that they actually get to see me ‘Practice what I Preach.'”

Carbaugh was not the only Newman member to get recognition off campus as student Justin Ralph was also nominated for an award. Carbaugh is now focusing on Newman’s theatre program as she will be acting as Serena in Newman’s production of “Legally Blonde.”

Deanne Zogleman, Director of Music Department poses during her performance in "A Little Night Music."
Deanne Zogleman, Director of the Music Department, poses during her performance in “A Little Night Music.”
Newman University student, Rusty Carbaugh, showcases her award blah blah.
Newman University student Rusty Carbaugh showcases her Special Merit for Musical Performance Mary Jane Teall Award.