All Faiths Prayer Service takes place Oct. 11

Oct 04, 2017
All Faiths Prayer Service

No matter what your religious background, faith life or current practices may be, you are invited to join Newman University in a special All Faiths Prayer Service.

This special event will take place at 11 a.m. on Oct. 11 in St. John’s Chapel. That Wednesday, there will be a shortened class schedule to allow students, staff and faculty the opportunity to attend.

The event is the work of the Prayer Service Committee, which was established last year in order to make the planning of the All Faiths Prayer Service and the annual Prayer Breakfast more representative of the entire Newman community, said Administrative Assistant of Campus Ministry Monica Borger. The committee includes representatives of faculty, staff and students.

“The All Faiths Prayer Service is an event that aims to make everyone on the campus feel welcome,” Borger said. “It pulls aspects from many different religious traditions and shows that there is much more that unites us than differentiates us.”

The event combines music, scripture, poetry and personal stories from members of the Newman community.

This year’s theme for the prayer service is “Voices in Solidarity,” and will honor the ASC Martyrs of Charity along with the ASC (Adorers of the Blood of Christ) community and the university.

“The service will begin with a short introduction of the Martyrs’ story,” Borger said. “(The discussion of) their sacrifices will be used as a starting point to talk about all the ways that we as a community can lift our voices in solidarity.”

University Chaplain Father John Fogliasso said he is excited to see the campus come together to “celebrate what unites us.”

Father Fogliasso said, “During the service, we recall the incredible things we can achieve by working together as individuals who value faith and who are then motivated by that faith to find ways to be of service.”

Borger added, “The Prayer Service Committee works very hard on planning this special event and would love to see the chapel full. This event is specially designed to make everyone feel welcome.”