The School of Business gains a new faculty member

Oct 25, 2017
NU School of Business

The Newman University School of Business recently welcomed new Assistant Professor of Strategic Intelligence Scott McIntosh.

Strategic intelligence, according to McIntosh, is “the capability to take a significant amount of information and then to be able to separate the gems, package it up, and present it to senior decision-makers so that they can do things worldwide.”

Scott McIntosh

McIntosh grew up in Wichita, Kansas, but left in 1989 to join the military.

“I have been associated with the military on and off ever since,” McIntosh added.

He then went to the University of Kansas for his bachelor’s degree, followed by the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

“I have since taught at places like the Air Force Special Operations School down in Florida and the NATO School at Oberammergau, Germany,” said McIntosh. “I also taught at the Air Command and Staff College down in Alabama. It’s something that I enjoy doing.”

McIntosh, who recently retired from the military, said, “This is phase two of my life — and it’s pretty exciting.”

McIntosh decided to continue his teaching career at Newman University because of its mission statement and because of its familiarity.

“I like the mission. I read the mission statement and it’s just an exciting place to be — it’s home,” said McIntosh. “One of the things about moving every two to four years in the military is every time you go somewhere new you have to make a whole new set of friends, you don’t know where everything is, and by coming back here we’ve already got our support network in place, my family, and we know where everything is.

To come back to a place like Newman, where everything is so close and everybody seems enthused about being here … to me, it’s more exciting than being in a giant research university where nobody knows anybody.”